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Airtel Internet Data Bundles, Prices and Subscription Codes.

Airtel network is one of the best internet network provider in Nigerian. With their cheap and affordable data subscription plan Airtel has increased the number of their subscribers.


I personally deserve an award from airtel network because right from day one airtel has been my favorite network when it comes to browsing online.

One thing I love about this network is the social bundle plan. Just recently they released more data plan with more Bonus.

Another mind-blowing gist of this network is the voice calls and data bonus they give to their subscribers especially when you purchase a new SIM. Check them below.

Undoubtedly Airtel is the cheapest network to go for if you are a heavy internet user just like me.

I won’t go into details about the goodies airtel gives to their subscribers every day. Yes, I’m a big fan of Airtel networks because the speed of their networks here in my location is high when Compare to other networks.

Even when most of the network in Nigeria where busy increasing their data plan Airtel instead add more bonus to their package.

Did you know that some SIM card is eligible for 100% Bonus on Every data plan purchased?

One of my SIM cards is eligible for this package. When I buy 3GB I will be given 6GB of data. Impressive right? 
That’s Airtel for you.

Today I will be sharing Airtel latest bundle plan for all smartphones, their subscription codes, and prices.

Airtel daily data plan.

This plan will be suitable for those that just want to quickly check something online. Not advisable for heavy internet users because you can easily exhaust the data within 2hrs of usage.

If you are looking for a pack that will keep you active on social networks then move to the social bundle plan.

Daily plan.

Amount Data Duration Code
N100 50MB. 1 Day. *410#.
N200. 200MB. 3 Days *412#
N100 25MB (5MB DAILY). 5 Days. *401#.

Airtel Weekly data Plan.

I will say this plan is almost the same thing with the monthly plan. Because when you subscribe to the weekly plan you will be given half of the monthly data package.

Example. N500 will be 750MB. That is 1.5G/2. And one thing I love about this plan is that it will last for 14days.

So if you don’t have the complete money for the monthly plan my advice is to go for the weekly plan instead of the daily plan.

Weekly plan.

Amount Data Duration Code
N300 350MB. 7 Days. *417#.
N500. 750MB. 14 Days *418#

Airtel 2G pack Unlimited data plan.

This 2G plan will be suitable for those that have only 2g network phones. Like Java phones and some Android phone that supports only 2g network.

If you have a smartphone you can still go with this plan. But not advisable because the browsing speed will be very slow.

Just imagine opening facebook or trying to download music with just 3mb space with 2g Java phone. The same way the downloading speed is slow will be the same when you use this 2g pack on a smartphone.

I have used this package before and the frustration is too much. Sometimes I feel like hitting my phone against the wall because of the slow browsing speed of the 2g network.

You can’t download anything fast with this plan. Except. If you only read news online or visit forums without downloading or streaming videos then you can go for this plan.

2G pack Unlimited Plan.

Amount Data Duration Code
N200 Unlimited. 10 Days. *482*1#.
N500. Unlimited . 25 Days *482*2#

Airtel Monthly data plan.

This is just the best data plan I will recommend to every smartphone users out there. Even with PC, you can still enjoy this monthly data plan without paying through your nose.

The plan comes at different prices. It’s only left for you to choose the one that will serve you for a certain period of time. All will depend on how you use the data.

To reduce or minimize the amount of data your smartphone consume. Restrict your phone background data.
You can do that by going to settings, data usage and then click on the 3 dots at the top right-hand of the screen and tap on the restrict background data.

Monthly Plan.

Amount Data Duration Code
N1000 1.5GB. 30 Days. *496#.
N2000. 3.5GB. 30 Days *437#
N2500. 5GB. 30 Days *437*1#
N3500. 7GB. 30 Days *438#
N4000. 9GB. 30 Days *438*1#

Airtel Social Bundle data plan.

This plan is for social networks. They include Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc. This is the best plan I recommend to everyone. One thing I so much love about this plan is that you can also use it to browse with opera mini.

You can also check the latest social bundle plan. 1GB for N300.

Social Bundle plan.

Amount Data Duration Code
N300 250MB. 25 Days. *885*1#.
N1500. 3GB. 30 Days *435#
N525. 200MB. 7 Days *440*17#
N100. 40MB. 1Day *440*18#
N1000. 3GB. 30 Days *431#.

Airtel Mega bundle plan.

This plan is for us. Yes, bloggers that spend a lot of money on data.

Subscribe to this package and you will have plenty to do on your blog before the months run out without checking your data balance.

This is the best and affordable data plans for bloggers so far.

Mega bundle plan.

Amount Data Duration Code
N5000 10GB. 30 Days. *452#.
N8000. 16GB. 30 Days *460#
N36,000. 50GB. 180 Days *406#
N70,000. 100GB. 365 Days *407#
N136,000. 200GB. 365 Days *408#.

NB: This data plan is not unlimited, that means it can easily run out before it expiring date. All will depend on how you use the data. To check your balance simple dial *140# and all your data summary will be sent to you immediately.

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