Saturday , 24 March 2018



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TBC update as at 19/06/2017

✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔ TBC   update  as  at  19/06/2017 1tbc -NGN 20,301,390 0.1tbc -NGN 2,030,139 0.2tbc -NGN 4,060,278 0.3tbc -NGN 6,090,417 0.4tbc -NGN 8,120,556 0.5tbc -NGN 10,150,695 0.01tbc -NGN 203,014 0.02tbc -NGN 406,028 0.03tbc -NGN 609,042 0.04tbc -NGN 812,056 0.05tbc -NGN 1,015,070 0.06tbc -NGN 1,218,083 0.001tbc -NGN 20,301 0.002tbc -NGN 40,603 0.003tbc -NGN 60,904 0.004tbc -NGN 81,206 0.005tbc -NGN 101,507 0.006tbc -NGN 121,808 ... Read More »


THE BILLION COIN – TBC     What is it  ?          TBC Internet Banking What is bitcoin?    Bitcoin is a software-based “currency”, or a system for transferring and exchanging value, just as you do with money. It has many properties that the usual currencies have, and other new properties that are interesting and modern. For example, you are able to convert US ... Read More »