Saturday , 24 March 2018


12 Facts About Android Phones

Android device has been the most popular smart phone in the technology market today, due to its amazing features. after making some researched, I decided to bring you 12 facts about android that you should know. 1.The Android operating system (OS) was developed by Android inc. in 2004 backed by Google, which was later bought in 2005 by Google at ... Read More »

How to stop your android phone from over heating

It can be so frustrating when your phone is over heating or lagging, especially when you want to play game or check something online but the browser you are using is not responding or the game is causing your phone to lag. In this post, I will show you step by step on how to stop your phone from over ... Read More »

How to recover your Android-phone quickly when stolen.

Android phone is now popular and more powerful to the extent that most people now use their hard-earned Monthly salary to buy. The sad news here is that even after spending such huge amount of money to buy the phone, They lose or misplace the phone. Just last week one of my friends came to me and she looks so ... Read More »

MTN Data Plan, Internet bundle Price, and subscription codes.

It is no longer news that MTN network has increased their bundle pack. Many people are anxious to know the latest data subscription codes and internet bundle price of MTN and that’s what this article is all about. Yes MTN is one of the major or let me say popular networks that is mostly used in Nigeria and other neighboring ... Read More »

Airtel Internet Data Bundles, Prices and Subscription Codes.

Airtel network is one of the best internet network provider in Nigerian. With their cheap and affordable data subscription plan Airtel has increased the number of their subscribers. I personally deserve an award from airtel network because right from day one airtel has been my favorite network when it comes to browsing online. One thing I love about this network ... Read More »