Saturday , 24 March 2018

Electric vehicles are becoming cheaper

Just like Solar Panels, Electric vehicles are becoming cheaper and cheaper with increased range and charging times. It won’t be long before the model 3 comes out, priced at just about $35,000.

We already have great competitors in the E.V industry like the Chevy Bolt, capable of giving you 250 miles on a single charge. That is 482Km on a single charge which is very impressive. The more impressive part is that the Bolt starts under $30,000.

Like the I.C.E industry, the E.V industry will soon be filled up with used affordable cars for sale, which would bring prices of used versions of the Model S and the bolt further down to below $25,000 and $20,000 respectively.

At these prices, in a year or two, there would be no need for Nigerians to keep buying I.C.Es unless of course charging would be a problem for that.

Now people might ask, How do you Charge E.Vs in Nigeria Where is the Light

Well, most people in Nigeria already have Gen sets in their houses, so to charge you simply would turn on your Gen like you normally do and plug in your car to the wall, like you would plug in your phone. That is obviously for times when mains power is unavailable.

I do not foresee Electric charge stations being abundant in Nigeria any time soon, like how we have a prevalence of petrol stations right now though, so getting a quick charge for your electric vehicle might be a tad difficult. Still, as long as you can get power at home, then you can simply plug in your car to charge.

If you want to do away with petrol and deisel entirely, then you could purchase a 1kw solar setup to keep your car batteries charged. This is equivalent to taking all the money you use to buy petrol each month for a year and investing it in a solar setup that could potentially charge your vehicle for 20 years.

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