Saturday , 24 March 2018

How to know when your Androidphone is attacked by malware(aka virus).


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One thing you need to know about malware is that it spreads just the same way with HIV(human immunodeficiency virus) and if urgent action is not taken it may cause damage to your device.

Now the question is,
How will you know when your device is attacked by malware.?

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one more thing you need to know is that we have a different type of malware and they all have a different mission. Some malware is not that harmful while some can be harmful.

Here are some ways to know when your android phone is attacked by malware.

1. Apps start misbehaving- The common symptom of malware is that it causes some of our app to start misbehaving, like getting slow each time you want to run it. for example, if you want to play game, and the name of the game is san-Andres when you tap on it instead of opening it will get stuck and the next you will read on your screen is “sab-Andres not responding quit or wait”.

2. power shut down- Have you noticed this, some times our device will just shut down by itself. some times this may be caused by device over-heating or lagging especially for a device that has 1GB of RAM. but most of the times this is caused by malware.

3. Data on- One of the annoying ones is that the data will keep turning itself on each time you turn it off as I explained above and this type of malware mission is to steal or transmit information to somewhere and at the process causing our device to do double work.

4. wifi on-Apart from turning on data some malware will also turn on wifi and that’s how it will remain even though you switch on to flight mode.

5. Slow on surfing the net-Each time you want to surf the internet, the browser will be slow in opening a web page.Some times this can also be Cause by the browser but most of the time, these are caused by malware.

6. Data spike-Harmful malware can make use of our data to transfer information to a third party, leading to data spikes. so if you notice that your data no longer last like before it might likely be that your android phone has been infected by malicious malware.

7.Battery drainage-Some malware carries on its activities in the background making use of our battery, so if you notice any change in your battery life maybe it drains faster than before. then it is possible that your android phone has been attacked by malware.

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