Tuesday , 20 March 2018
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Top Ten Technology Advances in History

The story of humanity is really the story about our ability to use tools to advance our society. From the very first time a human picked up a stick an used it as a weapon through the use of computer guided medical robots we as a society have evolved because of our technology. Without tools and technology we would most ... Read More »

Top Most Interesting 10 Languages in the World

There are thousands of languages in the world – the exact number is unknown, but estimates are between 6,000 and 7,000. They range from those spoken by billions (like English and Spanish) to those spoken by just a handful. It’s almost impossible to pick just a few as particularly interesting, as all languages are interesting in their own way. But ... Read More »

10 Most Top Dangerous Sports

Sports are meant to be fun, right? A bit of friendly competition, a bit of bonding…and sometimes a trip to the ER. Most sports run the risk of an injury or two and some are more dangerous than others. There’s no definitive way to rank which sports are most dangerous, but we’ve used data from the NEISS 2010 Survey on ER admissions ... Read More »

10 Most Top Dangerous Hackers

Think you have a pretty good grasp of internet security? Think again. There are skilled and secretive hackers out there who could get past pretty much anything you choose to put in their way. Not only are these hackers fiendishly clever, they are also inventive and constantly invent new ways of getting past security protocols. Whatever you and your server ... Read More »

10 Most Top Powerful Web Companies

WEB COMPANIES THAT HAVE MADE IMPACTS IN WEB TECHNOLOGY In the last two decades, the world of business has changed beyond recognition. The high-street retailers that used to dominate the “Richest Companies” list are struggling to keep sales up in face of competition from the internet, and the new super-powers are tech companies, that make all their money online. They ... Read More »

Nigerian Coaches Who Have Coached Foreign Clubs And National Teams

■ Harrison Okagbue – Uganda 1999-2001 One of the few Nigerians to have coached a foreign team in the late 90s. Harrison became the coach of the Cranes of Uganda in 1999 and his time there spanned 3 years till 2001. The ex-Eagles defender played in the Nigerian league in the 70’s with the now-defunct Sharks and Rangers before retiring in ... Read More »


All candidates seeking for admission into tertiary institutions through JAMB  in 2017/2018 Admission  should take note that English Language is compulsory for all and is already an automatic part of the subject combinations. Here is the full list of jamb subject combinations to assist you in the forthcoming 2017 UTME. JAMB Subject Combinations for Sciences: 1. Medicine and Surgery: Use ... Read More »

10 Most Expensive Countries In The World (pictures)

1. DENMARK   The Kingdom of Denmark is located in Northern Europe with Danish as the official language. It is a Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy with Margrethe II as the Monarch and Helle Thorning-Schmidt as the Prime Minister. The population was estimated to be 5,543,453 in the year 2012 and Danish Krone is the official currency in Denmark. 2. SWITZERLAND ... Read More »

How To Find Your Wi-fi Password On Android & IOS

Anywhere we go, we most time switch on our Wi-Fi to check if there’s possibly an available free Wi-Fi network which we can tap from. But, when it’s not free, we tend to ask around for the passwords and it’s something you might not get. Now, assuming you got the password, input it and it successfully connected; you might not ... Read More »

Russia 2018 World Cup: Nigeria In Pot 4

Seedings for 2018 World Cup confirmed, Nigeria in Pot 4 The seedings for the 2018 World Cup finals draw have been confirmed. Peru became the last country to qualify for the tournament in Russia next year after beating New Zealand. FIFA is using its World Ranking which was published last month to seed all four pots for the draw. The ... Read More »